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      This year we have a possibility to use the classrooms at the new premises of AICS in southern Amsterdam. It is still unclear how many courses we are going to have, and if they are classroom / online / hybrid.

      The classes take place Saturday mornings at the same time with the children’s Suomi-koulu lessons, 10-12 o’clock. The schedule will be confirmed later.

      The tuition fee for both fall and spring semesters is total €180. This includes 20 lessons (á 2h). If the lessons are taught online, the tuition fee is €120.

      If you are interested, please register for the course and indicate your level. We will arrange the groups and inform you about the course details after the school holidays at the end of August. Hopefully we will be able to provide a suitable option for everyone.

      To give you an idea, last year we were offering the following courses:

      Beginners 1
      Suomen Mestari 1, chapters 1 – 5
      Beginners 2
      Suomen Mestari 1, chapters 6 – 9
      Suomen Mestari 2 onwards based on the skills of the students

    • Course days

      Autumn/syksy 2022

      Beginners 1

      Beginners 2


      Spring/kevät 2023

      Beginners 1

      Beginners 2


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      The registration for language courses for a school year 2022/23 is now open.

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      The Finnish School of Amsterdam was established in September 2013. The school offers various language classes and courses for both children and adults. Our mission is to assist bilingual families and children to maintain and develop their Finnish skills. Moreover, we want to give them a glimpse to Finnish culture and history.

      We would like to emphasise that the Finnish School of Amsterdam is a non-profit organization (stichting). The organisation keeps running with the help of volunteer parents who aim their children to learn Finnish, and to maintain their roots to Finland while living abroad.