Finnish courses

    • Info

      Finnish language courses

      Beginners 1
      (Suomen Mestari 1, first half)
      on Saturdays at 10:00 – 12:00

      Beginners 2
      (Suomen Mestari 1, second half + conversation)
      on Saturdays at 10:00 – 12:00

      The tuition fee for both fall and spring semesters is total €180. This includes 20 lessons (á 2h).

      The first introductory lesson will be free, if you decide not to continue.

      All lessons are held at AICS (Prinses Irenestraat 59, 1077 WV Amsterdam).

      We look forward to seeing you on board!

    • Course days

      Autumn/syksy 2019

      14 September/syyskuu
      28 September/syyskuu
      5 October/lokakuu
      12 October/lokakuu
      2 November/marraskuu
      16 November/marraskuu
      30 November/marraskuu
      14 December/joulukuu

      Spring/kevät 2020

      11 January/tammikuu
      18 January/tammikuu
      25 January/tammikuu
      8 February/helmikuu
      7 March/maaliskuu
      21 March/maaliskuu
      4 April/huhtikuu
      18 April/huhtikuu
      16 May/toukukuu
      6 June/kesäkuu
      13 June/kesäkuu
      20 June/kesäkuu

    • Sign up for the adults Finnish course

      School year 2019/20 has started. If you are interested in to start middle of the school year, please contact us with the contact form in Yhteystiedot page.

    The Finnish School of Amsterdam was established in September 2013. The school offers various language classes and courses for both children and adults. Our mission is to assist bilingual families and children to maintain and develop their Finnish skills. Moreover, we want to give them a glimpse to Finnish culture and history.

    We would like to emphasise that the Finnish School of Amsterdam is a non-profit organization (stichting). The organisation keeps running with the help of volunteer parents who aim their children to learn Finnish, and to maintain their roots to Finland while living abroad.